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Project Web

The project web service provides a robust web server platform which can be used to:

Quick Start Guide for Project Web

What's that you say, you want to just get to it? Use one of our supported protocols like SFTP, SCP, or rsync to upload your files:

[jsmith@linux ~]$ sftp jsmith,[email protected]
Connecting to
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 68:b3:26:02:a0:07:e4:78:d4:ec:7f:2f:6a:4d:32:c5.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
jsmith,[email protected]'s password:
sftp> cd htdocs
sftp> put index.html
Uploading index.html to /home/groups/f/fo/fooproject/htdocs/index.html
index.html 100% 241 0.2KB/s 00:01
sftp> exit

The key to this process is authenticating.



Project web service is an "always-on" service; no opt-in is necessary. To begin using project web, simply upload new content or scripts to your project web space.

Uploads may be performed using our File management service, or you may choose to manage your files directly over a SSH session to our interactive shell service.

Until you upload an index page to your project web space, a default index page will be shown, containing details about your project:


Virtual hosts (VHOSTs) are a way of serving many websites from a single pool of servers. At, each project is provided the (replace UNIXNAME with the your project's UNIX name) VHOST. You may access your project web site via web browser at:

For example, the project web site for the "leaf" project may be seen at:


Users may find data to help trouble shoot their project web space by looking over the Apache log files.

Users may copy one or more error.log.web-NUM.gz files from /home/persistent/e/er/error_logs.

Custom VHOSTs

Project web sites may additionally be served using a domain you register. Our servers will route this traffic to your project web site when configured through our Custom VHOST service.

For example, the phpMyAdmin project on has a project web site which can be accessed at or

Backups performs routine backups for all of our servers and will restore from these backups in the event of catastrophic server failure. We encourage projects to make their own backups of project web data as that data restore can be performed by the project in the event of accidental data destruction by a member of the project team.

Backups of project web data may be made using the File management service.

Service-specific restrictions

Our policies require the following when using the project web service, in addition to the requirements of our Terms of Use:

Getting help