关于4小时100%女巫通关,作者的留言 part2

33- I grab the Gidbinn here, as well as the Flayer WP. Nothing too special.
33- 我取得了吉得宝,以及Flyer WP(扒皮者Waypoint?). 没啥特别的。

34- For the Gidbinn quest reward, I manip a good ring here that also has 10% Fast Cast rate. I am up to 45 now (25 chest, 10 ring, 10 ring), which is still 20 away from my goal.
34- 作为吉得宝任务的奖励,我得到了增加10%快速施法的戒指。现在总共有45%快速施法了(25%胸甲,2个10%的戒指),离我的目标还差20%。

35- Leveling in the jungle (love watching all these flayers evaporate), and grabbing the heart. The boss here is immune to fire, but he's good enough EXP that he's still worth killing.
35- 在森林中升级(我喜欢看这些小人被干掉),取得心。虽然这里的BOSS对火系攻击免疫,但干掉他还是有大量的经验的。很值得。

36- After ID'ing the surprisingly good amulet, I go get the Las Esem Tomb, as well as the brain from the sewers.
36- 找到了护身符和大脑,我来到了Las Esem Tomb

37- High council. A point of interest is the boots - they seriously help me, and it's pure luck that I got them, and then pretty lucky that I didn't die after finding them (which would have forced me to redo the segment and lose the boots).
37- 高级议会厅。亮点是靴子-- 它真的很有用,幸运的是我得到了它,更幸运的是然后我活着跑了出来。(如果我挂掉,那么这一段就得重新来,靴子也就没了……)

38- I have to break the orb that I didn't do last segment, and kill Mephisto. No notable drops, just a lot of stuff to sell.
38- 打碎那个球体,干掉劳模。没啥好东东,只有一堆用来卖钱的东西。

39- Leveling. I want 25 before I start act 4 due to the way the experience is calculated. If I was 24 when I did act 4, I'd get almost zero exp. The formula to calculate experience changes at level 25.
39- 升级。我希望进入ACT4时能最少达到25级。因为这样得到的经验才能最多。如果我24级进入ACT4,我几乎得不到经验。只有到了25级,计算经验的公式才会改变,(让作者得到更多经验)。(sg552注:不是吧,我2000年底玩D2时——那时候还没资料片——野蛮人24级干掉的大菠萝,用一把大斧子跳跃攻击,6下劈死大菠萝,难道……残念……)

40- The orb I find here is good as a switch, since it gives me good resists and Leaf is good for nothing but fireball killing. I plan on using it during teleport segments (and once I get my ancients pledge shield, it makes a good mainhand).
40- 这里找到的orb很好用,可以作为我的副手装备。它给我提供了高抗性。Leaf 仅仅在使用大火球打怪时有用。所以我打算在传送的时候用它。(而且一旦我使用了远古誓言盾牌,它就是个很好的主要武器)

41-42- Leveling. I change where I level based on where my exp is the most valuable - but these levels are always notoriously slow.
41-42 升级。哪里经验多我就往哪里去。不过升级的还是很慢。。。

43- Leveling + Izual. Again, as I rise in levels, I get more exp from higher level mobs, so the act 4 monsters become nice and profitable.
43- 升级 + MF Izual。随着我等级的增加,我得到的经验也越来越多,感谢ACT4中的小怪兽们~~

44- Hellforge + Waypoint. Also more leveling.
44- Hellforge + Waypoint. 以及升级~

45- Even more leveling in Act 4. I finally hit level 25.
45- 继续在ACT4中升级,我最后达到了25级。

46- Town segment to prepare for the Chaos Sanctuary, which is pretty hard.
46- 城镇中的一些杂活儿,为了混沌庇护所做准备。即将是一场大战。

47- Chaos Sanctuary. I get VERY light spawns all over this map, which is nice, and a pretty standard Diablo fight. He decides to melee me for quite a while, which is very convenient, since it does crap damage compared to his spells.
47- 混沌庇护所。在这里我使用了大量的闪电技能,很华丽,很标准的一次打菠萝战役。大菠萝总想近身攻击我,很聪明,因为我的魔抗很高,还是近身攻击会对我造成更高伤害。

48- Shank and the bloody WP. I don't need to make much effort to level, since I'm high enough for ancients, and everything gets better once I hit Baal. The orb I got last segment is better than my resist switch because it gives a LOT of mana, which is GREAT for teleporting. I put it on my switch.
48- 山克 和 血腥Waypoint。我不用太努力的升级,因为我等级够干掉巴尔了。我上一段录像中得到的orb比我之前使用的加抗性orb要好,因为它可以增加很多很多的魔法,对于瞬移非常有用。我使用它作为副手装备

49- That stupid act 5 rescue quest, and the waypoint. Now that I have greater mana potions. I can blaze through with teleports.
49- 非常愚蠢的ACT5的救俘虏任务。踩了路标。我现在可以使用大魔瓶了。可以尽情的一边传送一边释放火系魔法。

50- Rescuing Anya. She's kinda out of the way, which is inconvenient, but who can argue with the reward of a permanent +10 all resists? I also socket my tarnhelm to put the amethyst in, put the amethyst in for the strength, grab the strength large charm, and I can finally equip my shield. A point of interest is that I use my Leaf staff when teleporting instead of the mana one I got explicitly for teleporting. This was very intentional. The curse the birds cast on me has a meaningless effect if I have more life than mana, but if I have more mana than life, then I take damage every time I cast a spell. This would annihilate me while teleporting, and the orb gives me enough mana to push my mana over my life. Leaf staff it is.
50- 救恩雅MM。她的位置很偏僻,救起来不太方便。不过比起 所有抗性+10的奖励,这点困难算得了什么?我往头盔嵌上了紫水晶,而且还有力量神符,终于可以装备我的抗性盾牌了。这里我在瞬移的过程中使用了前面提到的加抗性的orb,而没有使用加魔法的orb。我故意这样做的。因为那些鸟会给我诅咒,如果我的生命比魔法多,那么诅咒就无足轻重。但是如果魔法比HP多,那么我每次施法都会损失HP。这样会让我非常不爽,使用那个杖的原因就在此。

51- Ancients. A pretty difficult fight, but in Normal it's not bad at all, since there's no immunities and I can static the crap out of them. I also get the Worldstone Keep 2 waypoint.
51- 古代人。非常难打。但是在普通难度下就没那么难。因为他们没有XX免疫,我也可以使用静力场。在这段视频中我也踩了世界之石的Waypoint.

52- I give myself just enough strength to use those boots I got back at HC. The rest is just a town segment in preparation for Baal.
52- 我现在有了足够的力量来穿上鞋了。之后就是在城镇中做准备,干掉巴尔了。

53-56- I do some Baal runs for the exp. The only point of interest is that I get an EXP shrine between the third and fourth packs. These packs gives a lot more exp, and it's hard to keep the shrine the whole fight. If I get too close to Baal (on the same screen as him), I get hit with Decrepify curse, which knocks off my shrine. I also get Frozen Orb here, which helps out a lot. The skill points I saved let me pump up Orb + Cold Mastery at the same time, giving me a very powerful orb very quickly.
53-56 我MF了几次巴尔。在第三和第四次时我使用了经验神殿,给了我大量经验。很难在贯穿整个KB的过程中一直使用经验神殿,因为如果我接近巴尔太近的话,就会被他所诅咒,这样经验神殿的效果就没了。在这里我也使用了冰封球,非常有效。由于之前积攒了很多技能点,所以我可以再30级的时候同时升级冰封球 和 冰冷掌握,所以冰封球的杀怪非常快。

57- I manip the quest reward from Anya here - 20% faster cast rate, and +1 sorc skills, as well as healthy energy+life. The fast cast puts me up to 75% (which is no better than 65%), but it means I can replace one of my rings or amulet without any harm to my casting speed. It wasn't intentional, but it's a nice little perk.
57- 我得到了恩雅任务的奖励 - 20%快速施展, + 1 女巫技能,加魔法,HP的装备。现在我身上的快速施展已经达到了75%(不再是65%),也就是说就算我把之前加fcr的装备拿下来,对我目前的fcr也没有影响了。我现在很嗨皮~~~

58- Nihlathak and Baal.
58- 干掉尼拉塞克和巴尔。

59- Cows seals up Normal difficulty. Nothing interesting here.
59- 普通难度的奶牛关。没啥好说的

60- I start nightmare here. Nightmare for a frozen orb sorc is extremely easy - almost everything falls apart to one or more orbs. Act 1 is where it's the most obvious - I may as well be fighting Normal mobs here. I clear out the den pretty easily, and we're on. Also the exp here is awesome.
60- 开始了噩梦难度。噩梦对于冰系女巫非常容易- 各种怪物都倒在冰封球之下。看看我的ACT1就知道了:在den中杀怪特别容易,经验特别多~

61- My method of leveling is pretty solid throughout nightmare - I basically frozen orb every boss pack a couple times, then keep teleporting to my destination. Every time I get to a boss pack, I stop briefly to kill them all, then resume. Leveling is extremely efficient here. It's about 2 minutes per level INCLUDING doing quests, which is MUCH better than what I did in normal dedicated leveling segments. It's just a byproduct of being in Nightmare as well as Frozen Orb.
61- 在噩梦难度中我练级的方法就这么一种:每个BOSS都被我用冰封球MF几次,然后使用传送去做下个任务。每次MF BOSS的时候,我都是干掉他们,然后save/exit,然后再进入到游戏。我升级的很快。算上做任务的时间,基本上每2分钟就能升一级,比我在普通难度时爽多了。(sg552注:后面这句怎么翻译?It's just a byproduct of being in Nightmare as well as Frozen Orb. 跟冰封球一样,这是我在噩梦难度的副产品?还是 冰封球在噩梦难度太好用了?——我倾向于后者的翻译)

62- I tag both the Stony and Dark Wood waypoints here. Another level.
62- 我踩了Stony 和 黑暗森林的 waypoint。再升一级。

63- I get the scroll and hit up Tristram. I make sure to remember to get Wirt's Leg here, so I don't have to run back to Tristram when I have to do cows.
63- 得到了卷轴,进入到Tristram。我拿了沃特之腿,下次KC的时候就不用再来了。(记得没错的话,作者还把假腿镀了金……在女铁匠那里,有情调啊~)

64- Quick run to Countess. Nothing special here.
64- 快速的干掉女伯爵。没啥好说。