on 2009 september, I revived.

Thank my AMD 1600+, I got my keyboard worked in slack-Linux :=) and now am able to write this blog. 2009 is one of the most remarkable year for me. I was almost down for abusing my body, and saved mylife with my friends' help, learned many Chinese Traditional Medicine knowledge and helped many others who is in the same disease as I was. Now looking back the past hardest time, I am thankful, thanks for giving me more strength to survive, to live for a better life. Today I met A8(his nickname :) and had luntch with his dad and wife. When seeing me he said "da shi, ni shou le." :=) and the second sentence is "da shi, kan lian se ni hen zheng chang " hehe , which makes me laughing when typing these blog :-) A8 told his family "Dashi is the most healty boy in my class in high school", which is the second time I heard from my classmates said in this summer, the first time this was said by TengDan , another classmate. Sigh... 30 years in western river , and another 30 years in eastern river... Hope we can both getting better. Another thing is , I got a call from Beijing software corp. The hr MM is full of passion and respected to people, easy to chat with. Although not able to return to Beijing, I am glad to receive this kind of message :-) Another special thanks to Serival, which company's CEO contacted me several days ago, asked me if I am(?) back or have got a job. He is a good man, both in technology and in management. His emails always made me happy and excited :) I replied I would contact him asap back to Beijing. and, Today I translated a article of running diablo2 with sorc from speeddemoarchieve, telling people what skills he used and explaining something only professional players knew. not done yet. Last night almost ML in dream. omg, at last second I controlled myself successfully . my kidneys are as good as others and will be better. We shall see~~~ Mom got a bit unhappy about the salary event --500RMB less than last month -- which root cause is her workmate but not her boss who is a very kind aunt. I explained and analysised(? spelling ..) this event and got kinda effects. Hope she had a good dream tonight. okay. too much Za 7 Za 8 ~ nevermind, this blog was just written for myself. :-) thanks for people who read here. really thanks :) and sorry for my poor English Good luck and good night~~~ //kiss //hug