Tomorrow is a better day!!!

Along all my twenty seven years, I had never expected "tomorrow" so much as I did during these days. I am recovering, facing all the difficulties and resolving most of them, helping my friends and telling them a healthy way of life. I have tried, yes, I tried so hard and get so far, braced with a new kind of life and said goodbye to the fallen way of life. I grew strong , and will be stronger!

This is a second blog written in my Slackware, by Opera, which was just downloaded and is really a good one, better than Firefox which I am not able to use till now even if I installed all the libraries it needs. hehe ... funny :-)

Wish everyone a good dream, and a good mood tomorrow~~~ //kiss //hug

ps. the list 33 of TOEFL is done, during the time I waited for my mom back home :-)