I am using my Linux -- Slackware 10

At the same time I am writing this blog, my slackware is compiling the gtk+ lib package which is needed by the FireFox3. Linux is much better and professional than windows to a programmer, I downloaded Slackware10 and burned it in to a CD three years ago, what a shame! I know I was a lazy playboy, played many years which made my life so hard, which made my mom painful. Now I know I was wrong totally. I promise I will never to be a fallen one again and will give my parents a better life and be their good child. :-) Just now I got a call from my mom, which is the best person who loves me. She bought something from a market and is on her way home. hehe ... It's a kind of happiness that you can see, chat with, live with another one everyday. okay, gtk package was compiled successfully, and this blog was written. May this is a mark that I am living my second life. I love you, I love this world and everything~~ sg552